Acquaintance with the broader meaning of the public sphere as it relates to journalism. The aim of the course is to make clear to the students the role of communicators / journalists in traditional and digital, print and audiovisual media.

Upon successful completion of the course students will be able to know:

  • The definition of public sphere, public discourse and journalistic text.
  • How journalism is articulated.
  • What is the interaction of communicators / journalists with the audience to which they send their messages?
Code Course Semester C / E Theory (hours) Lab (hours) ECTS
201Y Introduction to Sociology 2 C 4 5
202Y Introduction to Journalism 2 C 4 5
203Y Fundamentals of Marketing 2 C 4 5
204Y Big Data Analysis and Communication I 2 C 4 5
205Y Applications of Digital Image and Animation 2 C 2 2 5
206Y Mobile Technologies 2 C 2 2 5