The course introduces students to communication and information technologies facilitating marketing and supporting decision-making for marketers. The course focuses mainly on the use of “customer & partnership management” software (CRM and PRM) and, secondarily, on the development of “geographic information systems” (GIS). In this context, emphasis is placed on the relationship between marketing and information, the sources of information retrieval for marketing research, the operating conditions of marketing information systems and the use of CRM, PRM and GIS.

The aim of the course is enable students understanding the importance of using “Marketing Information Systems” and especially those related to the causes of the manifestation of consumer preference and behavior.In the course, students practice CRM and GIS software so as to be able (i) to monitor the preferences of a company’s existing customer base, and, (ii) to control the flow/intensity demand of the company’s products in different regions/cities towards decision making ensuring customer loyalty to the business and its products.

Upon successful completion of the course, students will be able to: