Game Based Learning (GBL) can significantly improve the quality and effectiveness of education. Typical 21st century skills such as multitasking, critical thinking, risk-taking can be developed in environments based on serious games.

The objective of the course is to get acquainted with the theoretical concepts of GBL and develop technical skills required to apply these concepts. The use of open educational resources is considered a given, in the sense that the educational process is part of an ever-evolving technological environment. At the same time, experiential friction in terms such as gamification is considered elementary. Creating course samples and applying GBL strategies to existing courses by students are considered two typical goals.

Upon completion of the course, students:

  • will be able to create educational material and practical ideas on the use of modern digital applications to promote educational development in the GBL sector and universal access to education.
  • will have developed skills of collaborating, creative and critical thinking of the learner through digital literacy and interdisciplinary approach.
  • will have acquired techniques and skills to motivate, guide and evaluate learners with the ultimate goal of reducing low achievement in basic skills and developing specialized, high-level and innovative skills to improve the quality of general education.
  • will support open educational resources and flexible learning environments in education, encouraging cooperation among educational sectors.
Code Course Semester C / Ε Theory (hours) Lab (hours) ECTS
801Y e-Government 8 C 4 5
Selection 2 out of 4
802EY Digital Entrepreneurship 8 Ε 3 5
803EY Digital Media in Education 8 Ε 3 5
804EY Environmental Communication 8 Ε 3 5
805EY Artificial Intelligence 8 Ε 3 5
Selection 1 out of 3
806EY Data Journalism 8 Ε 2 2 5
807EY Three-Dimensional (3D) Computer Graphics 8 Ε 2 2 5
808EY Digital Game-Based Learning 8 Ε 2 2 5
799Υ Thesis 8 C 5
798Ε Traineeship 8 Ε 10