The Department of Digital Media and Communication of the Ionian University combines the science of Communication with Information and Communications Technologies. Digital Media Communication is an interdisciplinary field that has been particularly strong in recent years, as the rapid growth in the use of the Internet and Social Media has introduced new forms of communication. The use of new technologies has become indispensable in order to develop modern communication strategies and has also affected other areas such as journalism, advertising and marketing. Digital marketing and online advertising have become an integral part of the design and implementation of modern and innovative communication strategies, which primarily use new technologies to promote products and services. In the area of journalism and the media, new terms are introduced, such as electronic journalism, journalistic convergence and data journalism, all of which are based on the use of new information and communication technologies in the media. All the above concepts are analyzed and taught in the Department of Digital Media and Communication of the Ionian University.

In order to approach the media, it is required to endorse a social, cultural, aesthetic and, of course, technological approach, which gives our methodological practice a multi-dimensional texture. The Department aims to create an educational and research environment that promotes the multidisciplinary understanding of Digital Media and Communication in a constantly updated manner. The Department’s curriculum focuses on Communication using Information and Communication Technologies and includes courses of different scientific disciplines such as Communication, Marketing, Advertising, Internet, Tourism, Culture, Journalism, Public Relations, Social Networking and E-Commerce.

The aim of the Department is to promote the science of Communication using Digital Media, providing an academic environment in which critical thinking flourishes and which facilitates research into the scientific subjects that are treated by the academic staff. At the same time, in the academic map it is positioned between departments that are purely related to Computer Science and departments that are purely related to the Science of Communication and the Media. The Department provides specialized knowledge to students in the fields of communication, digital marketing, electronic and data journalism, multimedia production, e-commerce, corporate identity management, communication strategy and public relations with an emphasis on digital media.