Evangelos Lamprou

PhD Candidate

E-mail: evaglamprou@ionio.gr

Title: Crowdsourcing on media websites and applications (crowdfunding, crowdvoting, crowdcreation, crowdwisdom) for communication and journalism content, with parallel use of social media

Committee :

  • Nikos Antonopoulos, Assistant Professor, Ionian University(Supervisor)
  • Spyros Polykalas, Professor, Ionian University
  • Andreas Veglis, Professor, Aristotle University of Thessaloniki



In an era when journalism and information are constantly changing, one of the main questions facing news publishers, journalists, and the international scientific community is the economic survival of the media and ultimately journalism itself. Digitization and the almost universal transformation of the online information market have brought about structural changes in the way contemporary media operate and function, but also in the way consumers consume the journalistic product. The open nature of the internet, the dominance of social media and the easy access to free journalistic content, through mobile devices and smart TV applications, have created an explosive mix for the economic survival and independence of publishing organizations, and consequently journalism itself with consequences for the functioning of the public sphere, informing the public and consequently the functioning of the democratic state itself.

The need to explore new and alternative financing models, which appear and be tested as innovative and enter slowly and steadily into Greek and international reality, is therefore unquestionable. In Greece, very few studies and researches have been carried out in the thematic area financing of journalistic content in some of which the applicant of the specific doctoral dissertation participated. The universal need to find new practices for the disposal and capitalization of the value of journalistic content, as well as the public’s contribution to the production of the journalistic product, has led many media organizations internationally to adopt alternative ways of capitalizing and leveraging the added value of their content, such as paywalls and crowdsourcing in its various forms. The importance of the dissertation findings will determine the operation map of the news websites and will demonstrate possible differences or even advantages /disadvantages compared to international practices and aims to create new communication models.