The Department of Digital Media and Communication offers a 4-year (8 semesters) undergraduate program of studies. Since October 2019, a new undergraduate curriculum is in operation.

The curriculum is drawn up in compliance with the Greek national legislation, and the European Credit Transfer and Accumulation System (ECTS) by the General Assembly of the Department.
The courses of the curriculum are distinguished into compulsory (C) and electives (E). Each academic year offers all compulsory courses, as well as, some of the elective courses are offered. Upon successful completion of the curriculum, a degree in Digital Media and Communication is granted.

Course registration
Courses registration should be made in the beginning of each semester and in exclusive deadline decided by the deanery. Failures to register for two consecutive semesters will result in the student’s withdraw. Withdrawing requires a declaratory act issued by the Dean.
At the courses registration procedure compulsory courses of previous / current semesters should be at first priority and compulsory courses of the next semester should follow. The following table presents the minimum and the maximum number of courses that a student is allowed to register per semester.

Semester Minimum no of Courses Maximum no of Courses
1st 6 Courses 6 Courses (C)
2nd 6 Courses 6 Courses (C)
3rd 6 Courses 9 Courses
4th 6 Courses 9 Courses
5th 6 Courses 9 Courses
6th 6 Courses 9 Courses
7th 5 Courses 9 Courses
8th 4 Courses 9 Courses
>8th 12 Courses

Obtain a degree
The following requirements apply for a student to obtain a degree: (a) attendance in all eight semesters; (b) successful examination in forty-five (45) courses: thirty-two (32) compulsory (C) plus thirteen (13) elective (E) courses; and (c) successful preparation of a dissertation thesis. A traineeship is optional; in such a case, eleven (11) elective courses are required instead of thirteen (13). The degree marc is calculated from the grades of the forty-five (45) courses and the thesis or the grades of the forty-three (43) courses and the thesis in case the student has also completed a traineeship. In both cases, the weight of the grades is determined by the credit units (ECTS) of the respective courses and the thesis.