The term social media refers to the means of interaction of groups of people through online communities. Social media appear in various forms such as blogs, websites such as Facebook, forums, etc. The aim of the course is to introduce students to the world of social media, to present the uses of social media, the possibilities, the opportunities but also the risks arising from the participation of individuals and companies in these networks.

Case studies of campaign on well known Social media platforms (Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, etc.) are presented. In this lesson we also present the unlimited opportunities that companies are presented with by using these well known Social Media platforms for marketing.

The course includes the following thematic units:

  • Introduction to Social Media.
  • State of Digital worldwide.
  • Differences from traditional media channels.
  • History of the Social Media.
  • Basic features of social media (Web 2.0 – UGC).
  • Social Media Zones.
  • Marketing in social networking zones.
  • The role of Social Media Manager in a business.
  • Use of Social Media by businesses.
  • Presentation and analysis / Case study: Facebook.
  • Presentation and analysis / Case study: Youtube.
  • Presentation and analysis / Case study: Instagram.
  • Presentation and analysis / Case study: Twitter.
  • Presentation and analysis / Case study: Pinterest.
  • Presentation and analysis / Case study: Snapchat.
  • Presentation and analysis / Case study: LinkedIn.

Upon successful completion of the course students will know:

  • What Social Media is and their history. How many people in the world use them and why.
  • Which the social media are and which are their functions
  • The basic features of well known Social Media (Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, wikipedia, Instagram, Pinterest, LinkedIn).
  • What are their differences and what is the main reason for a person or a company to participate in them.
  • How to use analytics to promote a page (Social Media Analytics).
  • What are the risks of participating in social media.
  • What are the terms of use of each of mediun.
Code Course Semester C / Ε Theory (hours) Lab (hours) ECTS
101Y Fundamentals of Communication 1 C 4 5
102Y English Terminology for Digital Media 1 C 4 5
103Y Principles of Management for Businesses and Organizations 1 C 4 5
104Y Social Media Marketing Ι 1 C 4 5
105Y Information and Communication Technologies 1 C 2 2 5
106Y Internet Technologies 1 C 2 2 5