This course covers the designing and producing printed media such as newspapers and magazines. The purpose of the course in the theoretical part is the historical review of typography and how it has shaped the world we know today. There is also a retrospective of movements and tendencies of typography and how the printed media contributed to the education and information of the citizens. In the lab, students come in contact with the latest trends in desktop publishing software during the semester and to design and edit photos that are suitable for printing. Finally, they have the opportunity to contribute to the production of printed material such as magazines, newspapers and books.

The laboratory part of the course includes the following sections:

  • Learning digital applications related to desktop publishing.
  • Printed newspaper design.
  • Book form design.
  • Magazine form design.
  • Printed poster design.
  • Leaflet design.
  • Implementation of printed communication material.

Upon successful completion of the course students will:

  • Recognize the specific gravity of the printed speech and the corresponding inheritance which is transferred to the digital version of the relevant production.
  • Acquire the techniques of processing the form as well as the relevant procedures for managing the generated data, in a remarkable range of topics.
  • Design and produce printed media such as newspapers, magazines and books.
  • Indulge the process of producing printed media and content both individually and as a group and to be part of a process of modern production with strong artistic elements.
  • Analyze needs and plan on them. At the same time, communicate with the participants within a multi-themed human environment.
Code Course Semester C / Ε Theory (hours) Lab (hours) ECTS
501Y Web Communication Strategy 5 C 4 5
502Y Printed Media Design and Publishing 5 C 2 2 5
503Y Digital Marketing I 5 C 2 2 5
Selection 3 out of 6
504EY Political Communication 5 Ε 3 5
505EY Qualitative and Quantitative Research Methods 5 Ε 3 5
506EY Civilisation and Globalisation 5 Ε 3 5
507EY Communication and Narrative 5 Ε 3 5
508EY Digital Economy 5 Ε 3 5
509EY Human-Computer Interaction III 5 Ε 3 5