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In Kefalonia and specifically in Argostoli there are two (2) Departments of the Ionian University which belong respectively to the Section of Information Science & Computer Science and the Section of Environment. Argostoli is the capital of the island, is built amphitheatrically and is located in the eastern part of the homonymous peninsula. The highest part of the hill is covered by a beautiful pine forest and at the foot of the town the bay of Argostoli is formed. A characteristic feature of the bay is the Venetian Bridge De Boset which crosses it and connects the town with the opposite villages and creates the lagoon of Koutavos which is also an important wetland, the area has been properly landscaped so that one can walk pleasantly in pedestrian streets and admire the beauty of nature and birds. In this area of the lagoon is located the Department of Digital Media and Communication, South of the city. It is the largest town on the island and attracts the most tourist traffic. It has a rich commercial activity and a good nightlife. Argostoli is a beautiful and clean city, combining the beauty and tranquility of an island and the comforts and facilities of a well-organized city. There is an abundance of shops, household equipment, clothing and catering. There are also available furnished and unfurnished accommodation in numbers sufficient to cater for all students. The abundance of tourist and non-tourist businesses gives the opportunity for employment to anyone who wants it.

By air. Argostoli is a city with an important history and a modern present.

By boat: Access to the island is by ferry from Patras to the port of Sami about 40 minutes from Argostoli and from the port of Kyllini to Poros which is about 1 hour from Argostoli. In addition, there is a connection to Lefkada from the port of Fiskardo and from Pessada to Zakynthos. It hosts students from other parts of Greece and offers them beautiful and creative student years.

To the island
Kefalonia is the largest of the Ionian Islands, located between Zakynthos and Lefkada, and together with Ithaca it forms the Prefecture of Kefallinia and Ithaca. The island is famous for its natural beauty, it is a green island with turquoise waters, representative of the Ionian Sea. It is known for the rare sea turtle careta careta that hosts on its beaches, the Black Fir tree that grows on Aenos, the highest mountain of the island, the beautiful beaches, the archaeological sites and the beautiful settlements. Its name comes from King Kefalos. The descendant of Kefalos, according to historians, is Odysseus, Homer's versatile and resourceful hero. The island, because of its natural beauty, its climate and its history, is a popular tourist destination.

The History
Kefalonia and the city of Argostoli in particular has received significant cultural influences through the passage of history, during the English and French rule and earlier during the Italian rule. More recently the island was also influenced by the Italian-German occupation of the 40'. Because of these influences and the characteristic of the island's inhabitants to be restless spirits and to travel to foreign destinations, Argostoli experienced a great cultural boom. In the city there are several historical sites such as the Kampanas square. There the Kefalonians burned the Libro d’Oro, the "Golden Bible of the nobles" after the arrival of the French on the island in 1797. Noteworthy are the Archaeological Museum which hosts important findings, the Korgialeneios Library, one of the largest in the country with a wonderful collection of Byzantine icons, the Historical and Folklore Museum, where the whole course of the island's history unfolds through rich exhibits and the historic theatre "Kefalos". Many great personalities emerged and excelled in various fields, some of them are Marinos Antipas (social fighter), Andreas Laskaratos (literary artist), Nikos Kavvadias (poet), Marinatos Spyridon (archaeologist, academic), Phokas Thanasis (researcher, doctor, and mathematician).

Culture - Sport
In Argostoli today one can attend programs of the Municipality and engage in theatre, music and visual arts. In the city there is a cinema hall housed in the theatre "Kefalos" and a summer cinema. There are several events, especially during the summer, when
there are more people. The institution "Argostoli Cultural Summer" includes music and dance festivals or events such as the international rhythmic gymnastics festival held at the end of June in Argostoli. In the field of sports there is the possibility to be
active in the facilities of the Municipality (Municipal Sports Stadium, Municipal Swimming Pool) and to be active in tennis, basketball, basketball, baseball, softball, football, horse riding, swimming, sailing, polo, kayaking, rowing, as well as gyms.

Traditional products
The island has its own traditional products, honey, olive oil, feta cheese, Robola wine and traditional sweets (mandolins, pasteli, pastocido, almond bread, etc.). It is also famous for its cuisine and the traditional meat pie, stifado and many other dishes.

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