Approaching communication as a primary element for every human society and culture, but also of the coexistence within the above contexts. Emphasis on the process of communication in modern societies characterized by mass participation in the recruitment and shaping of communication elements.The purpose of the course is to analyze in detail the issue of traditional media and young people within the general application of modern computerswith binary processing and memorization features that lead to a new reality in our post-industrial world.

The course takes a primary approach to communication research, so that first year students have a first contact with the wider field of research in the sociology of communication and culture.

Upon a successful completion of the course students will acquire:

  • A general oversight of sociology as a means of observing and learning communication phenomena.
  • A general view of the history of communication and sociology theories of communication
  • Modern concerns in relation to the media and the corresponding theoretical approaches.
  • The combination of theoretical models and practical applications in relation to communication, media and culture.
Code Course Semester C / Ε Theory (hours) Lab (hours) ECTS
101Y Fundamentals of Communication 1 C 4 5
102Y English Terminology for Digital Media 1 C 4 5
103Y Principles of Management for Businesses and Organizations 1 C 4 5
104Y Social Media Marketing Ι 1 C 4 5
105Y Information and Communication Technologies 1 C 2 2 5
106Y Internet Technologies 1 C 2 2 5