The English Terminology course aims at the knowledge of digital technology terminology. The course focuses on the basic functions of management and issues related to the organization and management of a business or organization in the digital era. The aim of the course is to acquaint students with the terminology, abbreviations, acronyms and generally the English language used in Digital Media and in the broader context of modern Applied Communication. During the course, real documents and e-mails from digital business environment are presented in English and analyzed. At the same time, a project is assigned to students where they are asked to create standard texts created by a Digital Media Manager of a company in English.

Upon the successful completion of the course students will:

  • Be able to read scientific articles on Digital Media and Communication.
  • Acquire the terminology of Digital Media.
  • Be able to search and read English bibliography on the Internet.
  • Be able to write business communication texts in English.
Code Course Semester C / Ε Theory (hours) Lab (hours) ECTS
101Y Fundamentals of Communication 1 C 4 5
102Y English Terminology for Digital Media 1 C 4 5
103Y Principles of Management for Businesses and Organizations 1 C 4 5
104Y Social Media Marketing Ι 1 C 4 5
105Y Information and Communication Technologies 1 C 2 2 5
106Y Internet Technologies 1 C 2 2 5