The course focuses on preparing communication students for new skills in using modern algorithmic and computational techniques in order to extract process and analyze a large amount of data that is often available on the Internet. This data may come from government agencies, statistical studies, social media, companies and organizations. The aim is for future graduates to be able to respond as data scientists but also as professionals in communication, marketing and journalism in the management and analysis of large volumes of information. This course provides a strong theoretical and practical background as well as computational skills to manage big data and discover hidden information and knowledge. Data analysis and communication help in understanding behaviors and extracting opinions, analyzing emotions, understanding trends and shopping preferences with immediate application in journalism, quantitative marketing, polls, individual behaviors, etc.

Code Course Semester C / E Theory (hours) Lab (hours) ECTS
201Y Introduction to Sociology 2 C 4 5
202Y Introduction to Journalism 2 C 4 5
203Y Fundamentals of Marketing 2 C 4 5
204Y Big Data Analysis and Communication I 2 C 4 5
205Y Applications of Digital Image and Animation 2 C 2 2 5
206Y Mobile Technologies 2 C 2 2 5