The key objective of the course is extensive case studies (commercial) analyzes are analyzed either in print or on radio and television, where, based on these, students are invited to design the advertising campaign of a product (their own invention) and present it.

The course includes the following sections:

  • Introduction to advertising
  • Structure and operation of the advertising company
  • Advertising as part of the “Promotional Product Mix”
  • How to get a higher Ad position
  • Advertising persuade models and advertising evaluation
  • Elements of Print Advertising
  • The relationship between marketing strategy and strategic communication
  • Advertising Objectives and Media Planning Strategy
  • Semantics of advertising
  • Advertising content analysis
  • Advertising creation techniques
  • Advertising and strategy
  • Presentations of student work

Upon successful completion of the course, students will be able to know:

  • Set clear the advertising goals
  • To design an advertising campaign,
  • To link advertising work to product marketing strategy
Code Course Semester C / Ε Theory (hours) Lab (hours) ECTS
301Y Introduction to Advertising 3 C 4 5
302Y Public Relations 3 C 4 5
303Y Big Data Analysis and Communication II 3 C 4 5
304Y Human-Computer Interaction I 3 C 4 5
305Y Social Media Marketing II 3 C 2 2 5
306Y Audiovisual Media Production 3 Υ 2 2 5