The course discusses the issue of creating electronic publications, which are available online. The aim of the course is to introduce the issue of electronic publications and different content distribution channels with existing methods of producing electronic/ digital publications and e-books. Particular emphasis is given on electronic publications that display news and informative content, in terms of their ease of use so that readers through different devices can read what they want. Finally, it provides in-depth tools for expanding support for electronic publications.

The laboratory part of the course includes the following sections:

  • Design and writing of electronic publications.
  • Editing of electronic publications.
  • Posting and promoting online publications on the Internet.
  • Interaction with electronic versions.
  • Social media and electronic publications.

Upon successful completion of the course students will be able to know:

  • Design electronic publications
  • Edit electronic publications
  • Create electronic publications
  • Promote electronic publications
Code Course Semester C / Ε Theory (hours) Lab (hours) ECTS
601Y Personal Data and Privacy 6 C 4 5
602Y Internet and Electronic Publishing 6 C 4 5
603Y Statistical Methods and Applications 6 C 2 2 5
Selection 2 out of 4
604EY Project Management 6 Ε 3 5
605EY Digital Arts and Entertainment 6 Ε 3 5
606EY Corporate Social Responsibility 6 Ε 3 5
607EY Social Media and Journalism 6 Ε 3 5
Selection 1 out of 2
608EY Digital Marketing II 6 Ε 2 2 5
609ΕΥ Electronic Commerce 6 Ε 2 2 5