The course presents how digital media has changed entertainment and how digital culture has entered our daily lives for good.

The course presents case studies from the cinema, television, music industry and the gaming industry. Especially in terms of cinema and television, the huge changes that have taken place with the rapid development of digital effects are presented. At the same time, an introduction is made to the wider space of digital art forms, including theater, dance, sculpture and painting, as well as to the world of purely digital arts such as live installations and live electronics, video art, etc. through student work and case studies.

Upon successful completion of the course, students will have understood:

  • The terms, rules and practices of the cultural industries.<./li>
  • The role of entrepreneurship and innovation in the arts and entertainment.
  • The meaning of interaction and how it changes the meaning of entertainment.
  • The current technological advances in the field of digital arts and entertainment and will be able to evaluate and position themselves on them.
Code Course Semester C / Ε Theory (hours) Lab (hours) ECTS
601Y Personal Data and Privacy 6 C 4 5
602Y Internet and Electronic Publishing 6 C 4 5
603Y Statistical Methods and Applications 6 C 2 2 5
Selection 2 out of 4
604EY Project Management 6 Ε 3 5
605EY Digital Arts and Entertainment 6 Ε 3 5
606EY Corporate Social Responsibility 6 Ε 3 5
607EY Social Media and Journalism 6 Ε 3 5
Selection 1 out of 2
608EY Digital Marketing II 6 Ε 2 2 5
609ΕΥ Electronic Commerce 6 Ε 2 2 5