Agisilaos Konidaris

Associate Professor

Tel.: ++30 26710 24645

Dr. Agisilaos Konidaris is an Associate Professor in the Department of Digital Media and Communication at the Ionian University. PhD Computer Engineer, Entrepreneur, Assistant Professor and Department Head with extensive, hands on experience over the past 18 years in Digital Marketing, Digital Media, IT product design and management. Assiociate Professor in Digital Marketing and Advertisement and director of the Mobile Applications and Tourism lab at the Digital Media and Communication Department of the Ionian University in Greece. Grew up and completed primary education in Lusaka, Zambia and afterwards moved to Greece. Previously Head of the Digital Media and Communication Dept. at the Technical University of the Ionian Islands in Greece. Work experience environment includes both the public sector (academics/research) and the private sector (as an entrepreneur who founded and ran a Digital Marketing firm in Greece for several years). Extensive experience in Digital Marketing, Project Management, Digital Tourism services, Team Management, Public Speaking and Problem Solving. Digital Marketing and Teaching are both a mission and a passion. Constantly seeking a work environment that encourages innovation and provides the opportunity for the implementation of new ideas.