Alexandra Marinou

PhD Candidate


Title: Cybercrime in Greece

Committee :

  • Agisilaos Konidaris, Assistant Professor, Ionian University(Supervisor)
  • Spyros Polykalas, Professor, Ionian University
  • George Heliades, Assοciate Professor, Ionian University



  • Initially, a conceptual approach to the subject through a definition of cybercrime and a list of its categories. Examples: Internet fraud, child pornography, cracking and hacking, software piracy, banking crimes, drug trafficking, social media crimes, hoaxes, breaches of General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), cyberstalking, money laundering. It will be examined whether the theoretical analyzes of the issue so far are sufficient or the ever-changing reality makes it imperative to add new theoretical tools.
  • Search for the role of the Dark Web and the Deep web / Deepnet / Undernet in crime.
  • Reference of the relevant legislation (Penal Code, special criminal legislation, ministerial decisions, EU Regulations and Directives) and the competent Authorities and bodies (Cybercrime Unit, Data Protection Authority, Authority for Communication Security and Privacy, The Consumer Ombudsman, Europol, Interpol), in order to determine the possibilities of fortification through cooperation and drawing examples from other countries.
  • List of specialized technological means by which the internet user can be protected against cybercrime.
  • Analysis of the profile of the cybercriminal and the victim from a social and psychological point of view.
  • List of typical court cases of this nature in Greece and abroad in order to make a comparison and find similarities and differences.
  • Finding the impact of the coronavirus pandemic on cybercrime.

The aim of the proposed thesis is an updated analysis of the phenomenon of cybercrime in Greece, regarding especially a) the legislation (national and European), b) recent relevant court cases and c) tools to protect the internet user, by extracting material from bibliography, articles and websites in Greece and abroad and by the deepening into concepts that are not widely known, such as the Dark web.