Pefanis Lamprogiannis

PhD Candidate

Title: Urban music activity in Kefalonia (1864-1918) and cultural communication issues
Committee :

  • Nikolaos Boukas, Assistant Professor, Ionian University (Supervisor)
  • Nikos Antonopoulos, Assistant Professor, Ionian University
  • Athanasios Trikoupis, Associate Professor, University of Ioannina



This dissertation attempts the interdisciplinary examination of music activity in the urban centres of Kefalonia from 1864 to 1918. Through archival research, issues related to music institutions such as identity, strategy, public relations, public image, the management of financial crises are examined. Emphasis is placed on musical circles, guided ideas, self-determined guides of views. The issue of intercultural communication, cultural domination-power and its contradictions is studied. Εemphasis is placed on the role of the press of the time as a communication tool for propaganda and enforcement of the positions of the various musical institutions. Finally, the role of musical institutions in music education is investigated.