In the seventh (G) semester, in addition to courses, students are required to declare a thesis which is prepared during the seventh (G) and eighth (H) semesters and its completion is mandatory for obtaining the degree. The thesis must have been completed within the eighth (H) semester but it can be extended for one more semester upon submission of a relevant application by the student and the acceptance by the supervisor. Students who do not complete the thesis on time will have to re-apply in the next academic semester. Five (5) ECTS for the seventh (G) semester and ten (10) ECTS for the eighth (H) semester correspond to the degree.

Obtaining a degree
The following requirements apply for a student to obtain a degree: (a) attendance in all eight semesters; (b) successful examination in forty-five (45) courses: thirty-two (32) compulsory (C) plus thirteen (13) elective/compulsory (E/C) courses; and (c) successful preparation of a dissertation thesis . An internship is optional; in such a case, eleven (11) elective/compulsory courses are required instead of thirteen (13). The degree mark is the calculated from the grades of the forty-five (45) courses (32C and 13E/C) and the thesis or the grades of the forty-three (43) courses (32C and 11E/C) and the thesis in case the student has also completed an internship. In both cases, the weight of the grades is determined by the credit units (ECTS) of the respective courses and the thesis.

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