In the seventh (G) semester, in addition to courses, students are required to declare a thesis which is prepared during the seventh (G) and eighth (H) semesters. Its completion is mandatory for obtaining the degree. The thesis must have been completed within the eighth (H) semester but it can be extended for one more semester upon submission of a relevant application by the student and the acceptance by the supervisor. Students who do not complete the thesis on time will have to re-apply in the next academic semester.

The purpose of a thesis is to enable the student to develop deeper knowledge, understanding and capabilities in the context of the programme of study.
Specific learning outcomes for an undergraduate thesis are for the student to:
• study in-depth a specific theme of the scientific areas supported by the department,
• demonstrate a capability to contribute to research and development work
• learn to search for the suitable scientific information from the relevant scientific literature
• demonstrate the capability in writing up scientific text
• develop the skill in organizing and presenting the theme of the thesis project.

The student presents his/her work to a public audience and submits his/her thesis to a three-member board of professors. The final evaluation is done by the three-member committee.

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