From the seventh (G) semester of studies and above students have the opportunity to do a three-month internship. The internship is not compulsory but is elective (E). The ECTS units that correspond to the internship are ten (10), the units is not taken into consideration for the calculation of the degree. The internship corresponds two (2) compulsory elective courses (EU). Therefore, for students who choose to do an internship, two (2) compulsory (EU) courses are required less to obtain a degree, compared to the number of compulsory elective courses required for students who will not do an internship.

Obtaining a degree

It is required to attend eight semesters of study to obtain a degree. In addition, is required a successful examination in forty-five (45) courses, of them, thirty-two (32) are compulsory and thirteen (13) are compulsory elective courses. In addition, successful thesis is required. In the case where a student chooses to do an internship then the compulsory elective courses required to obtain a degree are reduced from thirteen (13) to eleven (11). The degree is calculated from successful examination of the forty-five (45) courses (32C and 13CE) and the thesis in the case where a student does not do an internship, or the grades of successful examination of the forty-three (43) courses (32C and 11CE) and the thesis in the case where a student chooses to do an internship. In both of the above cases, the weighted grades of the courses and the dissertation is determined by the units (ECTS) of the respective courses and the dissertation.